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About Our Company…

We have been installing railing on buildings in the Seattle and Bellevue area since 2000. Our installations range from high rise condominiums, waterfront property in Sammamish, landscape views, and everything in between. Our Showroom (click here to view our showroom in 3D) is full of samples of our designer, custom, glass picket, and cable railing options.  Our experienced staff are happy to help you with your project and to pick the railing that will enhance your home. Our Project Manager, Ben Naylor has 10+ years of railing experience and he is committed to great customer service. Our installers are not only employees of our company, licensed, bonded, and insured, but also committed to quality installation and a job well done.

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Why Aluminum?

Aluminum Railing Systems are made out of a powder coated aluminum that won’t peel or flake.  We have been carrying and installing our railing systems for more than 14 years.   This unique home improvement will cut down on maintenance costs and save you time and money.

Why Should You Choose NNL Railing?

Our Railing Systems set the industry standard for home as well as commercial railing. Our railing is maintenance and hassle free; a quick consultation and install and you will never have to worry about your railings again.  But that’s a given; you should choose NNL Railing because we specialize in providing excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and a knowledge base from years of experience.  We would love to work with you on your home improvement project.

• Create Privacy
• Inhance View
• Block Wind
• Maintenance Free Enjoyment
• Durable Powder Coated aluminum
• Custom Design Fabrication
• Experienced Employee Installers
• Built to Last in NW Weather

Call us today and we’ll show you how we can help enhance your home!

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deck railing seattle wa

Our railing will enhance your home and allow years of maintenance free enjoyment. Call us at (425) 744-1211 or email us here for more information and to schedule a quote.

We’d appreciate the opportunity to bid your project and work with you to create something amazing.  Contact our Railing Project Manager Ben Naylor for more photos and references. Email or call (425) 744-1211.

Get more ideas from our past projects in our Railing Gallery. See a quick preview here.